Koh Tao & Koh Nang Yuan hotels and travel guide, Thailand. Hotel reservation for Koh Tao & Nang Yuan.

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koh tao
whale skeletonLet's start at Sairee, or better say Jor Por Ror bay at its southern end, there you'll find the Rama V rock, right in front of that is the Fishery Museum, small but still of interest. Behind that, a bit uphill is the Fishery Conservation Unit, where marine life is observed and cultivated. Next stop could be at Sairee View, a beautiful hilltop resort in the north end. Not only can you overlook the whole east coast till Jansom bay, the owner has also a gigantic, whale skeleton on display. Close by you can visit the mysterious diamond caves.

Another great panorama you'll have at Two View, the highest peak of Koh Tao, best take a taxi towards Tanote Bay, get off at the signs and walk the rest, it's really worth it. From there you could walk straight down to Sairee, or if you want to see more, walk back the way you came with the taxi, follow the sign leading to Ao Leuk and be rewarded with a refreshing swim in one of the most beautiful bays.

chalokA day tour could start at Chalok Baan Kao's east end. There you find stunning viewpoints in every direction. To the east you see Thian Og bay, to the north you overview Chalok and to the south you see both bays together. All routes involve steep walking, but you won't regret it.

Next proceed on the beach to the west side of Chalok, cross the concrete bridge leading to Saan Jao. Take a break at the Viewpoint restaurant with the best angle of the Buddha Rock. Then climb the stairs behind uphill and follow a shady path down to the next bay, June Juea. This is where the real trekking adventure starts and proceeding is recommended only for the sportive and healthy ones.

viewThe path goes very steep uphill and enters thick jungle. After a while you reach Cape Jeda Gang. Time for another refreshment. Check out the view and the huts on the cape. From there uphill again, stay on the coast side path until the next bay, Sai Nuan. Up again, through stick and stones, pass the "Lost Hippie's Totem" and finally arrive in Jansom bay from where it is only 10 min walking through three resorts to reach Mae Haad (and a taxi). This trip should take from Saan Jao about three hours without breaks, so don't start too late.

The John - Suwan Mountain Viewpoint
It is a viewpoint that most tourists won't miss when they have chance to visit Koh Tao as from here they can see the very impressive scenery of Chalok Baan Kao Bay and Thian Og Bay John-Suwan is named after two friends, Mr. John and Mr. Suwan, who found a viewpoint overlooking two beaches curving into each other. The viewpoint is located on a mountain ridge, at Chalok Baan Kao beach to the south of the island. It takes about 15 minutes of moderate trek over a distance of about 400 meters to reach the viewpoint. The spot offers a sweeping view of the bay. If the weather is clear, you may catch a glimpse of Phangan or Samui Island as well as the Ang Thong archipelago further away.
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